Unfortunately, there is a stigma about auto shops. It seems that most shops main goal is to take as much money out of your pocket every time, with no regard as to what you really need and there are many horror stories about this.  We are out to break that tradition.

The Oil Well Lube Express was started in 2004 by Bill Sewell with one main philosophy, to be the place to take your car for service without worrying that you will be taken for something you do not need and give  good old times service. We do things like neighborhood shops used to years ago. If your tires need air, we will do it for free, if you hear a funny noise we will look at it for free, if you just want your fluids checked, we will do it for free.  If you want to know what that funny noise is, that is no charge also.

If you don’t believe us, ask any dealership about what they do for a 30,000 mile service for example. You will find that most of the stuff on the list only involves looking at something. They call it “Inspect” to make the list look impressive. Not with us, we don’t charge for looking!!

You can rest assured that if your vehicle needs attention we will tell you and if it does not, we will tell you that as well.


We only offer full service oil changes. Cut rate services only shorten the life of your vehicle. On each visit we give your vehicle a full inspection including, tire tread depth and pressures, fill all fluids to proper levels, inspect brakes, undercarriage, wipers, air filter, lights, hoses, and belts. If there is anything that needs attention if we can’t do it at the Lube Express we can do it at the Repair Center.