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Express Wash

Sparkle Express Wash

Our state of the art car wash is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We offer 4 different levels of car wash starting with the Basic for only $5 (Free with every oil change) You have a choice of Soft Touch or Touch Fee washes. Free Vacuum with every wash.

Basic Wash-$5 Deluxe Wash-$7 Supreme Wash-$10

Pre Soak Pre Soak Presoak

Foam Bath Foam Bath Foam Bath

Single Pass Wash Tire Clean Chemical Drive through Rocker Panel Blaster

Spot Free Rinse            Undercarriage Wash Tire Clean Chemical

Blow dry High Pressure Wheel Cleaner Bug Buster

Single Pass Wash High Pressure Wheel Cleaner

Spot Free Rinse Undercarriage Wash

Blow dry Double Pass Wash

Clear Coat Protectant

Spot Free Rinse

Blow Dry


Ultimate Wash-$12

Pre Soak

Drive Through Rocker Panel Blaster

Bug Buster

Triple Foam Bath

Double Pass Soft Touch and High Pressure Wash Combo

Undercarriage Wash

Tire clean chemical

High Pressure Wheel cleaner

Clear Coat Protectant

Rain X Whole Car Treatment

Spot Free Rinse

Blow Dry